Monday 30 April 2007

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Talk No Evil

Today it was a cheeky day for me when mommy was playing with me, making me imitating the three wise monkeys See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil (Mizaru, Mikazaru and Mazaru) which the idea behind the proverb was part of the teaching of god Vadjra, that if we do not hear, see or talk evil, we ourselves shall be spared all evil and this is also reflected in the English proverb "Speak Of The Devil" - and the devil appears. No one really knows the origin of this proverb but theories shows that it originted from Nikko, Japan in the 17th century. You can read more from

Also I got a photo of my foot..... don't they look huge....

Daddy also found out from granny that my last four digit in my birth cert was a winning number in Magnum 4D as a consolation prize. Unfortunately daddy never buys number. Guess what's the number?

Below are some photos taken today.

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Sunday 29 April 2007

Another Lazy Sunday

Its Sunday again.... got more visitor today, Grand Uncle Andy, Auntie Ann Gee and Uncle Andrew. But slept most of the time when I was with them. Anyway today daddy bought a new latex mattress for my playpen which was bought my granpa and granny a couple of days back but as usual daddy only knows to buy what is needed and this time he forgot to buy a bed spead for the new mattress and more bottles (click here to see the animation for Dr. Brown bottles) . Guess daddy will have to make another trip in the next few days to get a new bedspread. Daddy also got a book about Baby & Child.

Below are some photos taken today,

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Saturday 28 April 2007


Today daddy measured me again, I am now 56cm long which is 10cm longer from the day I was born. Not sure if this is normal, fast or slow, but many people that visited me tells me that I have longs fingers so I would be quite tall when I grow up. I am not sure about this but you can click this here to predict your height! or have a look at this growth chart.

Today Auntie Liu Yun visited me after she returned from Shanghai after 2 weeks there. She left for Shanghai just days before I was born. Also came today is Por Por Jenny and Gong Gong Patrick as you can see the photo below, Popo Jenny holding me. Some of the photos taken today.

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Friday 27 April 2007

Brief Summary Of My Name

Just found something interesting about my name from this site, Kalabarian Philosophy, it says,

"Your name of Aeryn makes you very idealistic and generous, with the strong desire to uplift humanity leading you into situations where you can express your desire to serve others. You want to assume responsibilities and to look after people; however, you can become too involved in other people's problems and tend to worry. Your name gives you a natural desire to express along artistic and musical lines. You desire a settled home and family life, and are expressive and attentive to your loved ones."

What is written about my name sounds really pretty and nice but this is just something we get from website all the time. Today daddy also found a little article from Anmum website on what can and cannot eat during mommy's one month confinement period, very interesting if you are from this part of the world. Click here for more myths and taboos.

Below are some photos taken today,

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Thursday 26 April 2007

My Name In Thai

Today marks the second week since the day I was born.... Hooray....

Anyway this is how my name is written in Thai "เชา เอรีน" as Chow Ae-Ryn in direct translation. Mommy is still thinking of a thai name for me since daddy did not agree to the names that were suggested by mommy such as,
1) Nong Mali - น้องมะลิ
2) Nong Nikki - น้องนิกกี้
3) Nong Ink - น้องอิงค์

Daddy wanted something more thai. Any suggestions, you can send it to aeryn at aerynchow dot com.

This is also curently my prefered baby diaper, Mamy Poko "New Born".

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