Monday 23 April 2007

My Name In Chinese

I finally able to find the chinese character to my name in chinese. It has not been easy as both my mom and dad does not know any chinese at all. Anyway granny found the characters to my Chinese name, is called 'Zhou Xi Ling' (or Chow Hei Ling in Cantonese), in chinese character is written as '周喜羚' and in Hanja (Korean) is 주희영 pronounce as Chu Hŭi Ryŏng (in McCune-Reischauer) / Shoe-He-Yong

The meaning in Chinese -
- my surname
- means happiness
- an antelope

So my name should mean "a happy antelope"

links to my surname,

Today I started to have dried nasal mucus in my nose again and my mom did not have any luck get them out, guess later daddy will have to try to get it out during my feeding time. Some of the photos taken today,

Click here for more photos

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