Monday 16 November 2009

First Day At School

Today I attended the orientation day at my new kindy, Kinder Kids, surprisingly, I was fine along without mommy and daddy around. I arrive at the kindergarten just before 0845hrs and was there until noon before mommy coming to get me. Actually mommy come and go when I was attending my classes.

Daddy and mommy left the kindergarten just as the class was about to start, while some other daddy and mommy was around still. Around 0930hrs, it was outdoor activity time and I had balls, slide, swing and could play with other children as well. Then it was break time around 0945hrs, when I walked back to the classroom myself, I took my shoe off, and told the teacher I needed to go to the bathroom to wash my hands as well. The teacher was even surprised and told mommy what I did so far. I was the only one today which did not cry without daddy or mommy around. Around 1100hrs, mommy come to pick me up but instead I was only starting my music class and mommy thought the music class wasn't very good as the teacher started "Ring Around The Rosie" without me after I refuses to get up, and also the teacher was a little to fierce towards me when I walked across to get the sand "block", as the teacher pointed and ask me to go back to my position! Please teacher it is my first day. Low-Res video taken on mommy's Nokia 6610.

As daddy was driving me back home, I fell asleep and woke up around 1400hrs before falling asleep again around 2130hrs.

It was an interesting day for me and hope that I will not make too much fuss tomorrow at school.
Lunch : Sausage and White Bread
Dinner : Instant Noodle with Mushroom Soup

Video taken at the kindy today,

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