Friday 26 June 2009

Narathiwat : Safe?

Finally Auntie Por wedding "luncheon" has been confirm on Aug 2nd, 2009 which will be held at currently Thailand's most dangerous town, Narathiwat (เมืองนราธิวาส). Since daddy would not want to drive into Narathiwat considering the amount of bombing happening in the past few months, we have decided to take the public transport there. At the beginning mommy thought of driving to Hat Yai and taking another bus or van to Narathiwat but that would take a longer time so daddy suggested to fly to Kota Bahru and take a taxi into Narathiwat from Rantau Panjang/Su-ngai Kolok border. Anyway Auntie Por told mommy that she can pick us up from the Tak Bai border which is located about 40km from Narathiwat town. Since I have not gone on a proper train trip other than my first train ride in Peru, this would be a great experience for me, 13 hours from Kajang to Tumpat (last KTM station on the east coast).

If everything are smooth, the trip would start on June 30th, 2009 from Kajang KTM station and arriving the next day at 1000hrs (13 hours train ride) in Tumpat KTM Station on a private 2 bunk cabin, RM98.00 (top) and RM107.00 (lower) bunk. From the train station, it is an 8km taxi ride to the border, Pengkalan Kubur before taking a ferry across the river into Thailand, Tak Bai town which Auntie Por suppose to pick us up.

For the return trip, daddy decided to fly instead since the airfare from Kota Bahru back to Kuala Lumpur isn't very expensive as well. Initially we were daddy wanted to fly on Air Asia but the airfare increased after they initiated the zero admin fee which turned out to be only RM9 difference when we include the food and 15kg luggage check-in.

Mommy also discovered a new pasta sauce which is easily prepare for me, Prego's in can by Campbell but I would need to have it for both lunch and dinner.

Lunch : Fried French Beans with Pumpkin and Mushrooms
Dinner : Fried French Beans with Pumpkin and Mushrooms

No photo were taken today

Today's Movie - Bolt

The "King Of Pop - Michael Jackson" died today, at 50 years of age with a cardiac arrest.

Saturday 6 June 2009

Cigarette Bud In Food

I refuse to eat my dinner today after daddy called to speak to mommy on Cosway. I only ate another 2 spoons of rice after mommy spoke to daddy. It was another boring day as I stayed at home the whole day.

Anyway today daddy took granny and grandpa out for dinner in Kajang Prima since daddy had to withdraw from money from HSBC. Initially daddy suggested to have dinner at Fortune Palace but grandpa suggested to just eat in a normal restaurant, which granny then suggested Seafood Restaurant which is located at the end of the road near the slope. Just as we were about to finish out dinner, granny felt something strange and only to realise that it was actually a cigarette butt that she had bitten. Grandpa then called someone over and a lady came and took a look at it and did not feel sorry and when granny told her that it is a cigarette bud, she said she needed to check with the kitchen, and she wanted to take it away. So granny told her to smell it as you do not need to bring it to the back, which she refuse and say that she do not know the smell of the cigarette, and say that she doesn't smoke! Grandpa took the cigarette bud back and left it near him and told her to check and come back with an explanation but instead another lady came over and strictly apologise! Now why the second lady which have not even seen it and immediately apologize on what happen and even apologize for the first lady. This mean, the first lady wanted to cover up and just take the cigarette bud away and make it as nothing ever happen. Daddy is not contemplating to make a complain to first the Public Health Ministry, second Consumer Affairs and the Municipal Council! Below is the photo of the cigarette bud as well as the restaurant frontage.


The owner of the restaurant surname should be Mr. Yip or Mr. Yap (also known as Wah Chai). Daddy will also consult a lawyer on this matter.

Friday 5 June 2009

I Am In Hat Yai

Its been a while since I last blog. I arrived in Hat Yai 4 days ago. Grandpa came to pick me and mommy back with the bus. Anyway today I manage to pick up mommy mobile phone by myself and speak to the caller.

Mommy and Daddy is planning to open a Family Mart in Carrefour Hat Yai so mommy called Carrefour Hat Yai to enquire if they have any space for rental, unfortunately Carrefour Thailand seems to be very unorganised as mommy was being trainsfered to different department, even it was transfered to the Security Department. By the time it was transfered to the correct department, mommy only got to know what no one could make a decision since the manager in-charge has just resigned! Anyway, mommy will to call Carrefour Headquarters in Bangkok to enquire if she has any luck.

The new house is currently still in the process but daddy isn't very happy with Standard Chartered bank service as he is not getting any update on the progress of the mortgage. Daddy is very impress with the withdrawal time from EPF (KWSP) as it took only 7 working days to credit the amount into daddy's bank account, since daddy was told they would need a minimum of 3 weeks to get the amount transfered.

Uncle David will be coming back to Malaysia for holiday in July. I hope we would be able to meet up since Uncle David will only be in Penang for a full day before leaving.

Daddy will be driving to meet me next week but Kitt will most probably arrive in Hat Yai next Thursday.