Friday 5 June 2009

I Am In Hat Yai

Its been a while since I last blog. I arrived in Hat Yai 4 days ago. Grandpa came to pick me and mommy back with the bus. Anyway today I manage to pick up mommy mobile phone by myself and speak to the caller.

Mommy and Daddy is planning to open a Family Mart in Carrefour Hat Yai so mommy called Carrefour Hat Yai to enquire if they have any space for rental, unfortunately Carrefour Thailand seems to be very unorganised as mommy was being trainsfered to different department, even it was transfered to the Security Department. By the time it was transfered to the correct department, mommy only got to know what no one could make a decision since the manager in-charge has just resigned! Anyway, mommy will to call Carrefour Headquarters in Bangkok to enquire if she has any luck.

The new house is currently still in the process but daddy isn't very happy with Standard Chartered bank service as he is not getting any update on the progress of the mortgage. Daddy is very impress with the withdrawal time from EPF (KWSP) as it took only 7 working days to credit the amount into daddy's bank account, since daddy was told they would need a minimum of 3 weeks to get the amount transfered.

Uncle David will be coming back to Malaysia for holiday in July. I hope we would be able to meet up since Uncle David will only be in Penang for a full day before leaving.

Daddy will be driving to meet me next week but Kitt will most probably arrive in Hat Yai next Thursday.

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