Saturday 30 August 2008

Another Day To Songkhla

We wanted to go to Songkhla yesterday but the weather wasn't good and finally I was able to come again to Songkhla. Mommy wanted to take me Songkhla earlier in the day but I was sleepy so we did not leave for Songkhla until around 1630hrs. It was a drive around before going for a seafood dinner.

We arrived in Samila beach around 1500hrs and mommy wanted to try letting me walk on the beach again but failed, I refuse to walk and you could see how I stand on my feet, with the toes up. then mommy thought I would enjoy being on the water, again I refuse by screaming! But I manage to take a photo with Songkhla famous Bronze Mermaid.

After that, daddy drove to the Song Thala Park, located at Laem Son On (the entrance to Songkhla Lake) before taking a ferry across to the other side of Songkhla. It was a one round drive around Songkhla.

Video taken today at the beach.

Lunch : Steam Rice with Steam Egg
Dinner : Steam Rice with Fried Fish, Prawns, "Yam Sam Krob"

Some photos taken today,

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Friday 29 August 2008

Staying At Home

Initially mommy wanted daddy to bring me to the beach again since it would be nice to have Uncle Onn Yen around since he has never been to Hat Yai or Songkhla before. It was really hot in the morning but later in the afternoon, the sky turn around and became really dark and started raining around 1400hrs and did not stopped until around 2000hrs in the night.

Daddy went out with Uncle Onn Yen in the afternoon since the plan to Songkhla has been canceled, hoepfully tomorrow the weather would be better.

Lunch : Steam Rice with Steam Egg
Dinner : Steam Rice with Vegetable Soup

No photo were taken today

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Thursday 28 August 2008

Daddy Is Here

After slightly more than a week without daddy, finally daddy arrived today with Uncle Onn Yen late in the night.

Earlier in the day, mommy and grandpa drove me to the city hall to include my name in the family book so I would be able to stay in Thailand longer and not subjected to the 30days tourist visa. Will be collecting the book on Monday with my name on it.

I went to Songkhla Beach (Samila) but I was afraid of the sand and waves. Mommy thought I would enjoy it since I love the pool but I didn't like walking on the sand. It was a short trip to Songkhla with a stop over at the new monuments "Naga" at Song Thale Park located the entrance to Songkhla Lake. This monument is similar to the Singapore "Merlion" Statue.

A video taken by mommy today of me at the beach,

Lunch : Steam Rice with Steam Egg
Dinner : Steam Rice with Vegetable Soup

No photo were taken today

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Thursday 21 August 2008

Uncle Art Cremated

Uncle Art was cremated today in the temple. Everyone was here except for daddy who has gone back to work since Tuesday. I will be around here till the following week Tuesday as daddy will be coming back to pick me up next Thursday.

The cremation took placed at 1600hrs today and preparation started since 1500hrs when daddy called mommy. During the cremation I stayed in the hall together with mommy's cousin girlfriend. Just before Uncle Art was cremated mommy sat around with other family members talking about Uncle Art during Uncle Art's younger days. I am sure granny would missed him dearly.

Tomorrow, mommy will be going to the temple to collect the bones of Uncle Art before spreading it off Songkhla. I am sure I will not be able to join mommy for this since they would need to take a boat out into the sea.

Grand Uncle Lim and Sar with Auntie Aey will be driving back to Bangkok tomorrow early morning. Hope to see them soon. Initially mommy wanted to go to Bangkok as well but Daddy wasn't keen in me travelling the car with so many people for an 11 hour journey.

Lunch : Fish Porridge
Dinner : Steam Rice with Stew Egg

No photo were taken today

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Wednesday 20 August 2008

Running Around!

I am getting use to the new environment. I have been sleeping much better as well since I did not cry last night. I also started calling Aunty Aey as well except with a long 'eyyyyyy'.

Another friend of Uncle Art come by today and said what happen on Aug 14th. The day Uncle Art was seen alive with his friends in the restaurant. Slept today at the couch again but not for long after lunch. Starting to play with the cats which came around the hall as well, no longer afraid of them. Actually I started chasing them and try to hit them. I am no longer interested in the dog. But still can immitate the sound of the cat "meaw".

During the prayer in the night, Mommy's cousin girlfriend took care of me. Unfortunately, there is no camera so I could not take any photos.

Tomorrow, Uncle Art will be cremated at 1600hrs.

Lunch : Fish Porridge
Dinner : Stream Rice with Stew Egg

No photo were taken today

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Tuesday 19 August 2008

Daddy Drove Back

Daddy drove back today, he actually wanted to drive back early in the morning but only left around 1130hrs and arriving back at home only at around 1700hrs.

For me, since daddy wasn't around I stayed at the hall the whole day and slept on the couch. Mommy and Grand Aunty Siew with Aunty Aey mop and wash the floor of the hall since the floor was very dirty. My foot were actually black after walking around on the floor.

In the afternoon after waking up, we all went to Carrefour to get some food and Yakult for me since I haven't be able to poo properly.

After coming back from Carrefour, another friend of Uncle Art came over to talk to granny, he has spoken to another friend of Uncle Art which were together on Aug 14th.

Lunch : Fish Porridge
Dinner : Fish Porridge

No photo were taken today.

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Monday 18 August 2008


Since it has decided that Uncle Art will be cremated on Aug 21st (Thursday), Daddy decided to drive back to Kuala Lumpur, since there were some unfinished work which need immediate attention. Today I stayed most of the time in the temple since there were some new information on Uncle Art death.

Currently there are 3 theories on the death,
1) Death cause by Uncle Art's friend or a staff in the restaurant.
2) Death cause by the Royal Thai Police
3) Murdered by a drug trafficker.

The first theory,
This was the last place that Uncle Art was seen alive by his friend since his friend left him there sleeping. Uncle Art was recognise by the restaurant staff for stealing a mobile phone in this restaurant before. The owner of the restaurant told Uncle Art friend that he (the owner) would like to speak to Uncle Art when he wakes up.

Second theory,
Uncle Art was seen by a mutual friend, One of Uncle Art friend, Abang, called Uncle Art after was told that Uncle Art is in the police station but Uncle Art told Abang that he is not in the police station and he was fine, also telling Abang that he will be taking a bus to Bangkok to work. The police might have beaten him to death during the interogation!

Third theory,
This theory is related to the second theory since the police might have question him about some drug trafficker. Uncle Art might have reveal the source and found out by certain parties which did not want to be known!

The wierd part is the cause of death was drug overdose! but no autopsy was ever done on Uncle Art. Guess no one will ever really know the cause of the death since the police wasn't very helpful.

Grand Uncle Lim and Third Grand Uncle also arrived today from Kanchanaburi.

Lunch : Fish Porridge
Dinner : Fish Porridge (BBQ Pork Rice)

No photo taken today

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Sunday 17 August 2008

Back In Hat Yai

As planned by daddy we left home around 0130hrs, and we arrive at the border just before it was officially open. We had to line up with other vehicles in line waiting to cross the border into Thailand. I slept the whole way until the border, waking up a couple of times for water. Daddy did not make any stop and mommy was awake the whole time as well.

The border crossing was smooth since we were actually the third Malaysian car in line at the Thai CIQ, as usual the officers in duty are never attentive and talking to among themselves. Anyway the whole process only took 15mins for both countries clearance. We arrive at home around 0700hrs after buying breakfast. Daddy told mommy that daddy needed to sleep and could not follow mommy to the hospital to receive the body and transfer it to the temple.

After mommy left to the hospital, the police was not around to sign off the body, a very typical attitude of the "Royal Thai Police". Mommy came home with Uncle Aot, while grandpa waited in the hospital with grandpa's friend. Daddy then drove mommy and Uncle Aot to the temple to arrange the funeral hall. Everything was smoothly organise and Uncle Art arrived at the hall around 1230hrs.

Granny arrive in Hat Yai by train around 1300hrs and daddy drove to pick Granny, Aunty Aey and Grand Aunty Siew. After sending them back to the temple, daddy drove me and mommy back home since it was about my sleeping time. Daddy slept with me at home until around 1900hrs when mommy came back to bring food for me.

When I came back home to sleep, mommy was at the hall to perform an important rites, where relatives pour water at the deceased hand, after which, hand will be tied together by the monk and also decides that Uncle Art will be cremated on Aug 21st, 2008.

The day ends after a 45mins prayers by the monk.

Lunch : Fish Porridge
Dinner : Fish Porridge

No photo were taken today

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Saturday 16 August 2008

A Sad Day!

It was a pleasant Saturday until around 1730hrs when mommy for a call from Granny saying that Uncle Art has just passed away. He was discovered along the canal and has been dead for 2 days. Mommy told daddy and wanted to go back to Hat Yai immediately but no way we will be able to reach the border and drive across the border in time. A normal drive will take 6hours and we have not packed our bags yet.

Anyway we will be leaving early in the morning in a couple of hours time. Daddy is suggesting to start driving at 0100hrs later, so we will arrive at the border crossing just in time. (Border operating hours are from (MST 0600hrs - 0000hrs)

Currently only Grandpa and Uncle Aot is in Hat Yai. At this moment, granny should be on the train from Bangkok to Hat Yai.

Lunch : Stream Rice with Stream Egg
Dinner : Stream Rice with Vegetable Soup

No photo were taken today

Today's Movie - Generation Kill

Sunday 10 August 2008

A Brand New Hard Disc

I got up early today but this time, mommy got up earlier than I did, since mommy was going to cook beef noodle today in Aunty Jin house. I went over to Aunty Jin's house as well to see how is it being done.

Finally daddy drove to Low Yat in the afternoon to get the wireless dongle replaces with a new 1TB Western Digital My Book External Hard Disc, unfortunately, I did not follow since I was sleeping when daddy went out. I hope there will be more photos of me taken in the next few days. I am not sure how long will this storage going to last me! 

When daddy got back home, daddy picked me and mommy up for dinner in Semenyih.

Lunch : Stream Rice with Stream Egg
Dinner : Stream Rice with Vegetable Soup.

No photo were taken today.

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Saturday 9 August 2008

More Yakult

Since mommy wanted to try cooking Thai Beef Ball noodle, daddy had to drive mommy and Aunty Jin to Font Thai Market at Pandan Indah to get more ingredients. Well, it was an interesting outing for me as well since I got more than a dozen of Thailand Yakult from a stranger, well not too strange, still look like a human being. Anyway, I think he was already drunk when he started offering me with Lays first and then a bottle of Yakult. Just as I finished the bottle, he offered to buy me a whole plastic bag of Yakult! Well... Thank you very much and hope you had fun that day.

Innitially daddy wanted to drive to Low Yat to get the wireless dongle replace since it did not work with our home router, but by the time mommy and Aunty Jin finishes the Som Tum, it was already about time for dinner.

Lunch : Fried Rice
Dinner : Stream Rice with Steam Egg

No photo were taken today

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Friday 8 August 2008

XXIX Olympics Games


The olympic games finally started today smoothly without any problems after China was devastated with numerous disasters one after another.

I got up as usual, waking up daddy and mommy in the morning. Daddy came back from work early as well to catch the opening ceremony but I got sleepy just after one hour of the opening ceremony, but at least I watch will the athletes walk in. I should have slept much more in the afternoon today so I would be able to witness this historical event.

I also manage to say "ball" today, well not too accurate though.

Lunch : Stream Rice with Steam Egg
Dinner : Stream Rice with Vegetable Soup

No photo were taken today

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No More Diarrhea

I got better today and have not gone to the toilet for the whole day today. I guess everything must have came out yesterday. I am not sure what was causes the diarrhea yesterday, could it be Yakult which mommy fed me the day before? Anyway it I got better and I shouldn't have gone to visit the doctor yesterday.

Tomorrow will be the opening ceremony of the 29th Olympics Games in Beijing! and I hope that I will not be sleepy during the opening ceremony tomorrow.

Lunch : Fried Pasta with Tomato Sauce
Dinner : Stream Rice with Pomfret

No photo were taken today (guess no photo will be taken anytime soon unless all the documents are properly stored since all the portable HD are already full with my videos and photos)

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Wednesday 6 August 2008

Baby Diarrhea

I started off the running poops early this morning around 0300hrs and mommy changed my diapers, then around 0700hrs I had another run and mommy was wondering what happen to me since I do not usually poo at this time. Just as daddy was changing to go to work, I had another round at 1000hrs and this is when mommy asked to follow daddy to work just in case I need to see a doctor.

Just as I arrive in daddy's office, it was my forth time today! So mommy asked daddy to call Dr. Khoo and check with him what is the problem. Initially Dr. Khoo told daddy that I could wait another day to see what is the problem until mommy told daddy to inform Dr. Khoo that it had mucus in my poo. It is when Dr. Khoo say it would be better to have a look at me since I had some problem in my first few months.

We got to the clinic around 1330hrs, just before they closes at 1400hrs and Dr. Khoo says I am fine and could be cause by some food intake and told mommy to monitor me for a few days and see if continues. Anyway I was fine today and hopefully I would be alright tomorrow as well.

Lunch : Steam Rice with Steam Egg
Dinner : Steam Rice with Steam Promfret

No photo were taken today

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Tuesday 5 August 2008

Internet Is Dangerous

It started off today pretty well as daddy left for work and mommy was suppose to packed the items sold on eBay to be send out. Unfortunately, it turn out the other way around when daddy's PayPal account was compromised! Someone actually manage to get hold of daddy's PayPal account and used it to pay for some purchased which daddy had never did before. Then daddy found out that both of his Gmail account has been compromised as well, the password has been changed. Fortunately, daddy was able to recover both email accounts and made a report to PayPal for the purchases. Guess daddy paid a lot of money for this mistake and hopefully PayPal would refund the money to daddy soon.

As for me, it was a usual day, except that when mommy took me out for evening walk, I got bitten by another mosquito on my cheek! kinda like rosy cheek.

Lunch : Steam Rice with Vegetable Soup
Dinner : Steam Rice with Steam Eggs

Some photos taken today
(coming soon)

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Today's Movie - Wargames : The Dead Code

Monday 4 August 2008

Monday With Ser Kai

It was another normal Monday when mommy took me over to Aunty Jin's house to play with Ser Kai while mommy and Aunty Jin having their favourite dishes, Som Tum and Larb

Last night I got the most mosquito bite in a single night, 5 bites! there are 2 bites on my right cheek and the rest were on my leg and arm. I am not sure what happen but mommy did switch on the mosquito repellent before I slept. Will have to see if there will be any bite tonight since Toon had sprayed the room.

Granny and Aunty Aey might be coming over soon to bring me and mommy to Hat Yai for a few weeks before daddy drive over to pick us up. Not sure when they will be arriving though.

Lunch : Steam Rice with Steam Pomfret
Dinner : Steam Rice with Boiled Vegetables and Pork Belly

No photo were taken today as daddy took the camera to work

Today's Movie - Wargames : The Dead Code

Sunday 3 August 2008

Recognise Me?

I am trilled today as someone actually recognised me just as I got onto the Ground Floor of The Gardens. Unfortunately, neither mommy or daddy manage to get the name of the Uncle who approached us and could even remember my the website name! It would have been great if daddy had taken the camera out today!

Uncle! if you are reading please I would appreciate if you could drop me a note. Cheers.

Today is definitely a great day, started off swimming in the afternoon with mommy since daddy had to meet up with Uncle Mark! and then mommy decided to walk around Mid Valley again today, since we did not do any shopping yesterday.

Mommy got me more new cloths today from FOS, since the quality are really good and quite cheap as well. Daddy got me a Ralph Lauren shirt for RM33.00 (additonal 20% discount with HSBC Credit Cards / 10% discount with Maybank Credit Cards).

Lunch : Penne Bolognaise
Dinner : Chawan Mushi @ Oh! Sushi!

No photo were taken today.

Today's Movie - The Forbidden Kingdom

Saturday 2 August 2008

Saturday Outing

Ahhhh!!! Finally daddy took the initiative to drive me and mommy out for our usual weekend "jalan-jalan" (direct translation will be walk-walk, but it actually meant a stroll or out for an outing / holiday). But the main reason daddy drove out today was to changed the faulty water filter tap. Last year in November (2008), Mommy got a water filter from Nesh, and guess what after 8 months of using it, one of the washer which is fitted to the switch tap was torn and the water started leaking. The replacement of the switch tap cost RM40.00 and note, no warranty at all for this product. So if you have a choice, I would not suggest Nesh! Get something something else.

Mommy also thought of putting up some things to sell on the blog since it will definitely help to finance the cost of this blog and mommy is still not working yet! So I can help mommy in the packing (if I don't break anything). What am I going to do tomorrow? Since daddy will have his Formula One.

A review on Combi Stroller (The Little Orange Car).
It has been just slightly more than a year since daddy bought this stroller or the little orange car. Why daddy and mommy decided to buy this stroller was because of it's weight! Since daddy and mommy will be taking me over to Thailand quite often and having a light stroller would definitely help. Anyway, after using it for about more than a year now, I would have to say, it is one of the best thing that daddy and mommy had got me. Why? Initially daddy thought the stroller would not last the trip to South America and I would surely need a replacement, that's when daddy and mommy wanted to get the Peg Perego "Pliko P3" to replace my little orange car. But now, I am not sure if the Pliko would have been able to endure what daddy did to the little orange car. It was actually use as a baggage trolley when I am not in it especially during walking to hotels. The little orange car, manage to hold up more than 45kgs of things on it, with a slight bend "made to actually" on four of the wheel joins, on uphill gravels roads in different occasions. It has surely passed the weight test as well as the endurance of flights. The only setback for this model is the seat is a little small and it could easily flip backwards! Anyway daddy and mommy rate it 8 out of 10.

Lunch : Steam Rice with Pomfret
Dinner : Steam Rice with Steam Egg

Som photos taken today.

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Today's Movie - Harold and Kumar - Escape From Guantanamo Bay