Saturday 2 August 2008

Saturday Outing

Ahhhh!!! Finally daddy took the initiative to drive me and mommy out for our usual weekend "jalan-jalan" (direct translation will be walk-walk, but it actually meant a stroll or out for an outing / holiday). But the main reason daddy drove out today was to changed the faulty water filter tap. Last year in November (2008), Mommy got a water filter from Nesh, and guess what after 8 months of using it, one of the washer which is fitted to the switch tap was torn and the water started leaking. The replacement of the switch tap cost RM40.00 and note, no warranty at all for this product. So if you have a choice, I would not suggest Nesh! Get something something else.

Mommy also thought of putting up some things to sell on the blog since it will definitely help to finance the cost of this blog and mommy is still not working yet! So I can help mommy in the packing (if I don't break anything). What am I going to do tomorrow? Since daddy will have his Formula One.

A review on Combi Stroller (The Little Orange Car).
It has been just slightly more than a year since daddy bought this stroller or the little orange car. Why daddy and mommy decided to buy this stroller was because of it's weight! Since daddy and mommy will be taking me over to Thailand quite often and having a light stroller would definitely help. Anyway, after using it for about more than a year now, I would have to say, it is one of the best thing that daddy and mommy had got me. Why? Initially daddy thought the stroller would not last the trip to South America and I would surely need a replacement, that's when daddy and mommy wanted to get the Peg Perego "Pliko P3" to replace my little orange car. But now, I am not sure if the Pliko would have been able to endure what daddy did to the little orange car. It was actually use as a baggage trolley when I am not in it especially during walking to hotels. The little orange car, manage to hold up more than 45kgs of things on it, with a slight bend "made to actually" on four of the wheel joins, on uphill gravels roads in different occasions. It has surely passed the weight test as well as the endurance of flights. The only setback for this model is the seat is a little small and it could easily flip backwards! Anyway daddy and mommy rate it 8 out of 10.

Lunch : Steam Rice with Pomfret
Dinner : Steam Rice with Steam Egg

Som photos taken today.

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Today's Movie - Harold and Kumar - Escape From Guantanamo Bay

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