Sunday 3 August 2008

Recognise Me?

I am trilled today as someone actually recognised me just as I got onto the Ground Floor of The Gardens. Unfortunately, neither mommy or daddy manage to get the name of the Uncle who approached us and could even remember my the website name! It would have been great if daddy had taken the camera out today!

Uncle! if you are reading please I would appreciate if you could drop me a note. Cheers.

Today is definitely a great day, started off swimming in the afternoon with mommy since daddy had to meet up with Uncle Mark! and then mommy decided to walk around Mid Valley again today, since we did not do any shopping yesterday.

Mommy got me more new cloths today from FOS, since the quality are really good and quite cheap as well. Daddy got me a Ralph Lauren shirt for RM33.00 (additonal 20% discount with HSBC Credit Cards / 10% discount with Maybank Credit Cards).

Lunch : Penne Bolognaise
Dinner : Chawan Mushi @ Oh! Sushi!

No photo were taken today.

Today's Movie - The Forbidden Kingdom

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