Monday 18 August 2008


Since it has decided that Uncle Art will be cremated on Aug 21st (Thursday), Daddy decided to drive back to Kuala Lumpur, since there were some unfinished work which need immediate attention. Today I stayed most of the time in the temple since there were some new information on Uncle Art death.

Currently there are 3 theories on the death,
1) Death cause by Uncle Art's friend or a staff in the restaurant.
2) Death cause by the Royal Thai Police
3) Murdered by a drug trafficker.

The first theory,
This was the last place that Uncle Art was seen alive by his friend since his friend left him there sleeping. Uncle Art was recognise by the restaurant staff for stealing a mobile phone in this restaurant before. The owner of the restaurant told Uncle Art friend that he (the owner) would like to speak to Uncle Art when he wakes up.

Second theory,
Uncle Art was seen by a mutual friend, One of Uncle Art friend, Abang, called Uncle Art after was told that Uncle Art is in the police station but Uncle Art told Abang that he is not in the police station and he was fine, also telling Abang that he will be taking a bus to Bangkok to work. The police might have beaten him to death during the interogation!

Third theory,
This theory is related to the second theory since the police might have question him about some drug trafficker. Uncle Art might have reveal the source and found out by certain parties which did not want to be known!

The wierd part is the cause of death was drug overdose! but no autopsy was ever done on Uncle Art. Guess no one will ever really know the cause of the death since the police wasn't very helpful.

Grand Uncle Lim and Third Grand Uncle also arrived today from Kanchanaburi.

Lunch : Fish Porridge
Dinner : Fish Porridge (BBQ Pork Rice)

No photo taken today

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