Monday 4 August 2008

Monday With Ser Kai

It was another normal Monday when mommy took me over to Aunty Jin's house to play with Ser Kai while mommy and Aunty Jin having their favourite dishes, Som Tum and Larb

Last night I got the most mosquito bite in a single night, 5 bites! there are 2 bites on my right cheek and the rest were on my leg and arm. I am not sure what happen but mommy did switch on the mosquito repellent before I slept. Will have to see if there will be any bite tonight since Toon had sprayed the room.

Granny and Aunty Aey might be coming over soon to bring me and mommy to Hat Yai for a few weeks before daddy drive over to pick us up. Not sure when they will be arriving though.

Lunch : Steam Rice with Steam Pomfret
Dinner : Steam Rice with Boiled Vegetables and Pork Belly

No photo were taken today as daddy took the camera to work

Today's Movie - Wargames : The Dead Code

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