Saturday 9 August 2008

More Yakult

Since mommy wanted to try cooking Thai Beef Ball noodle, daddy had to drive mommy and Aunty Jin to Font Thai Market at Pandan Indah to get more ingredients. Well, it was an interesting outing for me as well since I got more than a dozen of Thailand Yakult from a stranger, well not too strange, still look like a human being. Anyway, I think he was already drunk when he started offering me with Lays first and then a bottle of Yakult. Just as I finished the bottle, he offered to buy me a whole plastic bag of Yakult! Well... Thank you very much and hope you had fun that day.

Innitially daddy wanted to drive to Low Yat to get the wireless dongle replace since it did not work with our home router, but by the time mommy and Aunty Jin finishes the Som Tum, it was already about time for dinner.

Lunch : Fried Rice
Dinner : Stream Rice with Steam Egg

No photo were taken today

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