Wednesday 20 August 2008

Running Around!

I am getting use to the new environment. I have been sleeping much better as well since I did not cry last night. I also started calling Aunty Aey as well except with a long 'eyyyyyy'.

Another friend of Uncle Art come by today and said what happen on Aug 14th. The day Uncle Art was seen alive with his friends in the restaurant. Slept today at the couch again but not for long after lunch. Starting to play with the cats which came around the hall as well, no longer afraid of them. Actually I started chasing them and try to hit them. I am no longer interested in the dog. But still can immitate the sound of the cat "meaw".

During the prayer in the night, Mommy's cousin girlfriend took care of me. Unfortunately, there is no camera so I could not take any photos.

Tomorrow, Uncle Art will be cremated at 1600hrs.

Lunch : Fish Porridge
Dinner : Stream Rice with Stew Egg

No photo were taken today

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Anonymous said...

hi baby, visiting you here again.