Sunday 17 August 2008

Back In Hat Yai

As planned by daddy we left home around 0130hrs, and we arrive at the border just before it was officially open. We had to line up with other vehicles in line waiting to cross the border into Thailand. I slept the whole way until the border, waking up a couple of times for water. Daddy did not make any stop and mommy was awake the whole time as well.

The border crossing was smooth since we were actually the third Malaysian car in line at the Thai CIQ, as usual the officers in duty are never attentive and talking to among themselves. Anyway the whole process only took 15mins for both countries clearance. We arrive at home around 0700hrs after buying breakfast. Daddy told mommy that daddy needed to sleep and could not follow mommy to the hospital to receive the body and transfer it to the temple.

After mommy left to the hospital, the police was not around to sign off the body, a very typical attitude of the "Royal Thai Police". Mommy came home with Uncle Aot, while grandpa waited in the hospital with grandpa's friend. Daddy then drove mommy and Uncle Aot to the temple to arrange the funeral hall. Everything was smoothly organise and Uncle Art arrived at the hall around 1230hrs.

Granny arrive in Hat Yai by train around 1300hrs and daddy drove to pick Granny, Aunty Aey and Grand Aunty Siew. After sending them back to the temple, daddy drove me and mommy back home since it was about my sleeping time. Daddy slept with me at home until around 1900hrs when mommy came back to bring food for me.

When I came back home to sleep, mommy was at the hall to perform an important rites, where relatives pour water at the deceased hand, after which, hand will be tied together by the monk and also decides that Uncle Art will be cremated on Aug 21st, 2008.

The day ends after a 45mins prayers by the monk.

Lunch : Fish Porridge
Dinner : Fish Porridge

No photo were taken today

Today's Movie - Generation Kill

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