Thursday 21 August 2008

Uncle Art Cremated

Uncle Art was cremated today in the temple. Everyone was here except for daddy who has gone back to work since Tuesday. I will be around here till the following week Tuesday as daddy will be coming back to pick me up next Thursday.

The cremation took placed at 1600hrs today and preparation started since 1500hrs when daddy called mommy. During the cremation I stayed in the hall together with mommy's cousin girlfriend. Just before Uncle Art was cremated mommy sat around with other family members talking about Uncle Art during Uncle Art's younger days. I am sure granny would missed him dearly.

Tomorrow, mommy will be going to the temple to collect the bones of Uncle Art before spreading it off Songkhla. I am sure I will not be able to join mommy for this since they would need to take a boat out into the sea.

Grand Uncle Lim and Sar with Auntie Aey will be driving back to Bangkok tomorrow early morning. Hope to see them soon. Initially mommy wanted to go to Bangkok as well but Daddy wasn't keen in me travelling the car with so many people for an 11 hour journey.

Lunch : Fish Porridge
Dinner : Steam Rice with Stew Egg

No photo were taken today

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