Wednesday 6 August 2008

Baby Diarrhea

I started off the running poops early this morning around 0300hrs and mommy changed my diapers, then around 0700hrs I had another run and mommy was wondering what happen to me since I do not usually poo at this time. Just as daddy was changing to go to work, I had another round at 1000hrs and this is when mommy asked to follow daddy to work just in case I need to see a doctor.

Just as I arrive in daddy's office, it was my forth time today! So mommy asked daddy to call Dr. Khoo and check with him what is the problem. Initially Dr. Khoo told daddy that I could wait another day to see what is the problem until mommy told daddy to inform Dr. Khoo that it had mucus in my poo. It is when Dr. Khoo say it would be better to have a look at me since I had some problem in my first few months.

We got to the clinic around 1330hrs, just before they closes at 1400hrs and Dr. Khoo says I am fine and could be cause by some food intake and told mommy to monitor me for a few days and see if continues. Anyway I was fine today and hopefully I would be alright tomorrow as well.

Lunch : Steam Rice with Steam Egg
Dinner : Steam Rice with Steam Promfret

No photo were taken today

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