Tuesday 19 August 2008

Daddy Drove Back

Daddy drove back today, he actually wanted to drive back early in the morning but only left around 1130hrs and arriving back at home only at around 1700hrs.

For me, since daddy wasn't around I stayed at the hall the whole day and slept on the couch. Mommy and Grand Aunty Siew with Aunty Aey mop and wash the floor of the hall since the floor was very dirty. My foot were actually black after walking around on the floor.

In the afternoon after waking up, we all went to Carrefour to get some food and Yakult for me since I haven't be able to poo properly.

After coming back from Carrefour, another friend of Uncle Art came over to talk to granny, he has spoken to another friend of Uncle Art which were together on Aug 14th.

Lunch : Fish Porridge
Dinner : Fish Porridge

No photo were taken today.

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