Saturday 16 August 2008

A Sad Day!

It was a pleasant Saturday until around 1730hrs when mommy for a call from Granny saying that Uncle Art has just passed away. He was discovered along the canal and has been dead for 2 days. Mommy told daddy and wanted to go back to Hat Yai immediately but no way we will be able to reach the border and drive across the border in time. A normal drive will take 6hours and we have not packed our bags yet.

Anyway we will be leaving early in the morning in a couple of hours time. Daddy is suggesting to start driving at 0100hrs later, so we will arrive at the border crossing just in time. (Border operating hours are from (MST 0600hrs - 0000hrs)

Currently only Grandpa and Uncle Aot is in Hat Yai. At this moment, granny should be on the train from Bangkok to Hat Yai.

Lunch : Stream Rice with Stream Egg
Dinner : Stream Rice with Vegetable Soup

No photo were taken today

Today's Movie - Generation Kill

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