Sunday 4 November 2007

Tiring Sunday

It was a tiring day as we went out and did many things. Daddy did a test drive on a Mazda 5, a 7 seater, which he says is needed when we go out since his current car is slightly too small when we take a long distance drive. After that Granny was telling daddy to see a water filter in Ampang Park which they saw a couple of weeks back. But daddy did not think it was worth the money.

Then we drove to 1 Utama to get a Nesh single ceramic and carbon water filter as well as a new evening stroller for me by Sweet Cherry in Jaya Jusco. They had some promotion so mommy got 5% and 15% discount respectively. It was lucky that we did not get it a week before.

The Stroller is actually an actual replica of the MacLaren Volo Stroller but it was 1/4 of the MacLaren price. Unfortunately, the make isn't that good actually, the wheels isn't really balance so at some point 1 of the 2 wheels in the front does not touch the ground (or turn) and daddy thinks is it 2 times heavier than then MacLaren Volo. Anyway to be use in the evening I would say, its perfect.

As for the water filter, daddy decided to get the moveable filter instead of the fixed as it would be much easier to dismantle and clean. The problem with the fixed water filter is that it will be difficult to water the inner casing for any erosion since it made of stainless steel. Instead, the Nesh is made of plastic. Sure it look easily broken but it will be much easier to wash since you can see thru the plastic casing.

Some photos taken today,

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Today's Movie - A Mighty Heart

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