Thursday 22 November 2007

My First Crawl

Finally after weeks of waiting I could finally make my first crawl, lifting up my buttocks and then moving my hands. But the coordination of my hand and feet is still not right but I think I will need a few more days to master it to perfection.

Daddy woke up very early this morning to send Toon off to the airport for her flight at 0655 bound for Solo. Well she should be back on Dec 22nd but no one if sure that she will be coming back even though she say she said she will.

In the evening today, "Sam Kau Khung" came over with "Sam Kam Poh" and Kit to print their maids air ticket and coincidentally flying back to Solo as well.

Video taken by mommy of me making my move.

Some photos taken today

Click here for more photos in slideshow.

Today's Movie - Rak Nee Hua Jai Rao Jong (รักนี้หัวใจเราจอง)

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