Monday 12 November 2007

Mommy Is Having Bad Toothache

I am seven months old today.

Mommy had a very bad toothache since last night. She could not sleep the whole night because of the pain. Daddy will bring her to see a dentist to check the tooth tomorrow and see what is wrong with it.

Because mommy did not get a good sleep last night, she took a short nap in the morning just after feeding me, which I felt asleep not long after that. But when mommy woke up just before noon, I was already sleeping but mommy needed to bath me so she woke me up when I am tug inside the blanket. But what she didn't know was I actually poo'd before I fell asleep, as soon as the open the blanket, mommy almost got fainted.

Well tomorrow will be granpa's birthday and we will be going out for a dinner, a chinese dinner as granpa requested. Lets see which restaurant tomorrow.

Some photos taken today

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Today's Movie - Death At A Funeral

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