Friday 23 November 2007

Crying Day

Its getting more and more difficult to take care of me. Today I cried and scream the whole afternoon and refuse to drink milk or sleep.

Anyway daddy was back home early today because the phone cable around daddy's office block was stolen and cause the whole block without telephone and internet connection. After making numerous calls to the telecom company nothing has been fixed and daddy decided to go home and work from home.

Just as daddy got back, I started crying for and mommy did not know what was wrong with me, she initially thought I was hungry so she made some banana for me but after that I started crying again, which mommy thought I need milk, so mommy went to prepare the milk but I refused to drink, which mommy thought I was definitely sleepy which I wasn't too. I just need some attention actually.

In the evening mommy and daddy took me out for a stroll. We walk to my cousin Harriette house and gave them some bananas which granny bought from Thailand when they come last week. To mommy and daddy surprise she is now 6kg and only 2 months old, Harriette's daddy first statement was "Doctor says she is overweight" now I wonder how heavy am I now, underweight?

No photos was taken of me today as I made too much noise.

Today's Movie - Rak Nee Hua Jai Rao Jong (รักนี้หัวใจเราจอง)

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