Sunday 18 November 2007

Grandpa and Granny Arrived From Thailand

Mommy gastric did not get better today. It actually got worst in the morning that daddy had to bring her to see Doctor Kok, our family practitioner. Mommy was given 3 type of medicine, 1 tablet, 1 capsule and a liquid to reduce the acid in the stomach. Anyway it was much better toward the evening, mommy did not complain of any stomach ache nor headache.

Grandpa and Granny arrived from Ipoh around 1500hrs and I got an "Ang Pow" from great auntie Mimi but unfortunately I was unable to meet her, maybe next time in Malaysia or possibly in Australia.

Then around 1730hrs, my Grandpa, Granny, Great Granny, Auntie Aey, Great Uncle Lim, Great Auntie Mooi and son (Uncle Jame), Great Auntie Seh Ku, Granny's cousin and partner (from Ubon Ratchathani - อุบลราชธานี) arrived and we met them at Dataran Merdeka and they all checked into The Zon All Suites Residences immediately after that. It was amazing that this time, Great Uncle Seh Ku could hold me. Click here to see what happen in Kanchanaburi.

Grandpa wanted to get some sausages and eggs for breakfast tomorrow so daddy suggested Mid Valley since there are shops and Carrefour is located on the lower ground as well.

Tomorrow, I will be going up to Genting with mommy while daddy had to work. Daddy will meet up with us when we are back from Genting.

Some photos taken today
Below : Photo of my Uncle Jame (not James as how daddy calls him). He is my Uncle since he is the same generation as mommy and he is only 2 years old and seating on my stroller.

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