Friday 16 November 2007

My New Cry.... Scream

Mommy notice today that I started a new demanding sound, I scream now. Previously I would normally make noices like I am hungry or sleepy but today I started to scream if my demands are not met or I am left alone unattended.

Today because mommy was too busy making "Tong Yuen", a chinese dessert made from glutinous rice flour. Auntie Jin came over the our house with Kylie and play with me. But later Auntie Jin brought me over to the house and when Ser Yi carries me, I started crying. This was when mommy heard me crying from the kitchen, mommy walked out and try to call out for me which made me cry even louder. I stopped crying when mommy started holding me.

Mommy today also touch my gums and called daddy telling daddy that my tooth is coming out soon. Seems like mommy is even more excited than I am. Mommy also started feeding me with NESTLÉ Rusk which I could easily finish half of it.

Daddy and mommy took video of me getting up and walking today,

Some photos taken today

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