Wednesday 28 November 2007

Mosquito Bites

Over the past few weeks I have been getting bitten by something or could be an infection. The first time it happen around a few weeks ago with my knee. There was a red patch on my knee and it took days for it to subside. After a patch in my forehead then my back and lastly my fingers. But this morning when mommy was bathing me, mommy notice there were six new red patches and this was when she got panic and ask daddy to look at it. So daddy decided to bring me to see Dr. Khoo and check what is the problem. As mommy carried me downstairs, we told granny about the red patches and only then granny told mommy that it could be mosquito bites since she killed 2 yesterday during the evening walk. Then only mommy thought must have been the mosquito bites when mommy took me out for evening stroll. Anyway daddy still drove me, mommy and granny to see the doctor since it has been a month since the last visit and daddy also wanted to know how is my growth. Unfortunately today Dr. Khoo is not around, as he is never around on Wednesday!

In the afternoon, mommy and granny drove me and Auntie Jin with Ser Kai out to Tesco to get some milk powder for me. So daddy do not need to rush back to tonight to get the milk powder for me.

Some photos taken today

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Today's Movie - Futurama "Bender Big Score"

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