Friday 2 November 2007

Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa!

What does it mean by calling Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa today non-stop. Am I calling daddy or just me playing with my mouth.

I am also getting naughtier day after day, I could not stop crying and I chooses people to carry me, even daddy could not handle me sometimes especially when I am sleepy. All I need is mommy. I refuses to finish my milk now as well and calls for attention at all time. Going to be a spoilt girl soon.

In the evening daddy and mommy took me to Jusco Cheras Selatan supposingly to buy a water filter but ended up getting an air purifier with ionizer. Daddy has never believe it will help clean the air in the room but since mommy wanted an air purifier so daddy bought and try if it really helps. But daddy will go get a water filter and a stroller for me this weekend since Jusco is giving 5% / 15% for J Card Members starting today for the next 9 days.

Video taken today,

No photo was taken today as there is something wrong with the camera.

Today's Movie - Harry Potter "The Order Of The Phoenix"

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