Saturday 17 November 2007

Chest Lifted

I am not sure what happen to mommy today but she had a bad tummy ache which also causes her to vomit just before we left for the club today. This could be due to mommy skipping breakfast and lunch yesterday and had a very heavy dinner. Hope she will get better tomorrow.

Today I manage to lift my chest and buttocks up at the same time, I think I should be able to crawl very soon. The problem could be the playpen I am in which is too small. Mommy is now looking for something that can be lay on the floor so I would have a bigger area to move about instead being in the playpen all the time.

Because mommy told daddy that I enjoy the NESTLÉ Rusk, so daddy wanted to see how much I enjoy it. Mommy took video of me having it but unfortunately I did not hold it properly, it fell on the floor.

We were suppose to go to the club in the afternoon but both mommy and daddy was asleep and only drove the club in the evening. But I was trying my very hard not to get into the pool unlike last week. There were so many people today, I think it will be best to come in the afternoon or during weekday for now since school holiday has just started yesterday.

Tomorrow both my grandparents will be arriving and back, from Hat Yai and Ipoh respectively. But neither mommy and daddy knows what time they will be arriving.

Video taken today of me eating and trying very hard "not" to get into the pool,

Some photos taken today

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Today's Movie - Rescue Dawn

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