Friday 9 November 2007

Amazing Codes

Daddy has been trying out something new for his new product releases and he came across a new 2D code or known as QR Code which could embed information into it. For the past couple days he was trying to install a JAVA reader into his phone but to no avail since his phone was not compatible with the reader. He finally got the JAVA software installed into mommy mobile, SonyEricsson Z520 and he finally could test all the code he generated.

Nothing much interesting happen to me, I have been drinking normally but mommy thinks there is something wrong with my poo, since there are some mucus in my poo. But daddy could not see it since it was wrap up before daddy could see it. Well, I guess daddy will have to wait for my next poo poo.

I will be going swimming tomorrow..!!!

Some photos taken today

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Today's Movie - 28 Weeks Later

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