Wednesday 14 November 2007

Crawl Or What?

Today mommy took a series of photo of me crawling trying to reach the camera lense cover as well as the cream container. I made it with a few hard to do manuvuer, first lifting my buttock and kick then turning around to get nearer to both the object. Am I crawling or just my way of getting to the point.

This morning daddy and mommy went to the Immigration office in Shah Alam and it was a record when it took only 2 hours to renew the visa. Daddy and mommy left home at 0630hrs and arrived at the Immigration office at 0715hrs, they were 3rd on line which mommy thought daddy was lining up on the wrong line since the first time there were always a long queue before the door opens. The door opens sharp at 0740hrs (operating hours from 0730 - 1630hrs) when they only open normally at 0800hrs. The officer issuing the numbers were very friendly and courteous, daddy and mommy only had to wait for 15mins before the number was called. The whole submission took less than 5mins and it was done. Daddy and Mommy left the immigration office at 0800hrs and they arrived back in Kajang at 0840hrs. Mommy even had some time to get some "Char Siu Pau (叉烧包)" before reaching home at 0900hrs and I just got up. Daddy thought the whole process would take at least 2 hours and would only arrive home around 1030hrs at the earliest.

Tomorrow grandpa and granny will be driving to Ipoh to visit Great Auntie Jenny and Great Auntie Mimi. They will be going back to Melbourne on Nov 17th. Unfortunately me, daddy and mommy will not be able to make it since daddy had some meeting to attend tomorrow and Friday.

Some photos taken today

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Today's Movie - The Simpsons Movie

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