Saturday 20 October 2007

Last Night In Hat Yai

Today mommy thought of taking me out for some last minute shopping after having "Pad Thai" for dinner, but it doesn't seems to be such a good place for shopping anymore now. I remember Hat Yai use to boast it midnight sales but now, both main shopping centre in the middle of the town, mainly Central and Odean closes at 2100hrs "sharp", which could have been cause by the bomb detonated at 2130hrs on September 16th, 2006.

We were shopping and mommy was buying some shirt for me and you can see the sales attendant was more interested in looking at their watches as to how long they are going off work. Then around 2050hrs is when, daddy was sure they are going to close at 2100hrs as well because the staffs starts to cover the counters as well as turning off the "lights", can you believe it that they are turning off the light when customers are still inside shopping!. Anyway this is happaning in Hat Yai right now.

Daddy wanted to take me Songkhla Zoo today but the weather has been crazy for the past few days, actually since I arrived because it rained everyday around last afternoon or short shower around noon. But today, it rained since last night and did not stopped until dinner time. Daddy was afraid that Hat Yai will be flooded again and no way we could drive back to Malaysia. Anyway I will be coming back here again during Chinese New Year.

Some photos taken today,

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Today's Movie - Decks Of Hall

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