Tuesday 16 October 2007

A Drive To Border

This morning daddy was all ready to drive back to Malaysia since mommy is not sure when she will be getting her passport but daddy changed his mind after seeing it will be a problem if daddy is not around since there is no one at home and there isn't a baby cot for me to sleep in. Daddy was afraid of what happen in Kanchanaburi when I rolled of the bed.

Anyway it was a good drive, I had my milk once I got into the car and slept all the way to the border. Daddy was surprise to see the amount of people at the Thai border but luckily mommy had a chat with the officer and he agree to let us passed since we wanted to go to the Duty Free but daddy drove over the border to get his car road tax renewed at the post office. We came back into Thailand without any problem.

I am not sure if I am having some problem passing since I cry all time now and my stool is getting hard as well, very similar to a dough, but much drier. Wanted to see a doctor but it was too late as all the clinics were already closed.

Tomorrow daddy and mommy will have Dim Sum so after that they will take me to see a doctor.

Not many photos was taken today as daddy forgot to insert the memory card into the camera. Some photos taken today

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