Monday 8 October 2007

Six Day To Thailand

I will be heading to Thailand again in 6 days but this time, daddy will be driving to Hat Yai, mommy's hometown since she needs to renew her passport which will be expiring soon. It will be at least a six hour journey by road to my grand parent's house. Not sure if I could sleep throughout the journey but it should be alright I guess.

This morning mommy turned on Barney - A-Z with Barney for me and as usual, my eye were just stuck to it, happily watching it. Daddy hope that I will be able to pick up something from watching Barney instead of chinese drama or movies.

Daddy went for a meeting in Hard Rock Cafe in the evening and wanted to get me a T-Shirt but unfortunately they do not have any size for me.

Today's Movie -Desperate Housewive Season 4

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