Sunday 28 October 2007

A Shopping Day

Today it was suppose to visit the club but as a regular occurrence in my house, a power supply breakdown, supplied by the local utility company, Tenaga Nasional (National Energy). As it was getting to hot daddy decided to go shopping instead of staying at home and wait for the power to return. So it was impossible for daddy to print my photo and also a copy of my birthcert for the club.

So we all went to Mid Valley for shopping since mommy wanted to get me a new stroller to be use around the house in the evening since it was will too hot and dusty if I uses my little orange car. Granny saw one in Jusco, which everyone including myself (since I kept smiling sitting on it) but the wheels don't seems to be properly align. It was cheap and just what mommy needed, airy and washable. Basically a replica of MacLaren Volo Stroller and a third of the price.

No photo was taken today as daddy forgot to take the camera out again. Never learn.

Today's Movie - Seasons Change (เพราะอากาศเปลี่ยนแปลงบ่อย) / Fan Chan (My Girl / แฟนฉัน)

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