Monday 22 October 2007

Raya Open House

Today Uncle Sani invited daddy, mommy and me for an open house in his mother's house. Daddy use to say how good is Uncle Sani's mom cooking, especially the beef rendang, daddy's favourite. I also met Alicia and a new friend, Eliza who is the daughter of Uncle Amin (Uncle Sani's brother).

This morning I had some problem passing motion as well as the beginning of my poo was very hard and I had a tough time pushing it out. Daddy and mommy will have to bring me to visit Dr. Khoo tomorrow for the monthly schedule visit and they will have to ask doctor for a solution if not I will have problem passing each time.

Since last week daddy has been making me sit up and gradually holding me up and over the past few days I could do it with minimal assistance. I hope daddy will take a video of me standing with minimal assistance in the next couple of days.

Some photos taken today,

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