Sunday 26 August 2007

My Friend Alicia

Today finally daddy got to meet up with his friend Uncle Sani (Kenneth) who is a pilot base in Taipei together with Auntie Yvonne and Alicia. Initial I think Uncle Sani was not very keen in meeting up today as its actually the chinese 'Ghost Festival'. I guess this is the reason that there wasn't a lot of people in Mid Valley today since most of the chinese does not like to go out today to avoid any spiritual beings. Today I got another present from Uncle Sani and Auntie Yvonne, a dress from Gymboree.

Mommy today got more socks for me since most of my socks its either lossen or too small. I actually got 2 pair of new socks from Auntie Liu Yun but they were not made properly, its my first time wearing out today and it kept coming off after a while.

Some photos taken today,

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Today's Movie - The Reaping

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