Thursday 30 August 2007

People's Princess 10 Years After

Today marks the 10th anniversary of Lady Diana (or formally Princess of Wales) car accident in Paris, France.

Daddy left very early this morning when he got a call from the Mynation party organizer, telling him that they are not able to pick up DJ Phynn from the airport. From then it was daddy nightmare for a 24hrs ordeal work shift which lasted until the following day departure of Cosmic Gate. Daddy was actually telling Uncle Calvin when they were sending Cosmic Gate off that when they arrive is when daddy got up and until the left for the airport daddy has not slept, a very very long day indeed.

As for me I stayed at home the whole day with mommy. Mommy was actually going with daddy for the Merdeka Day countdown party but daddy was just too busy to pick up mommy. Anyway grandpa did something very wrong today when he used granny tart flour to bake bread. When granny tell grandpa that he had used granny flour, he refuse to admit it until granny took the flour packet out from the rubbish bag. I wonder what did granpa's friend, Uncle Tan, would say about the bread.

Some photos taken today,

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