Wednesday 22 August 2007

5 Mosquito Bites

Granny today left for Port Dickson with Tai Kow Kung, granny eldest brother and Tai Kam Por (Grand Auntie Liu Yun) and only be back on Friday. Actually mommy is there to accompany Grand Auntie Liu Yun since she will be alone when grand uncle is attending a meeting there.

Oh I can't remember if I did mention on my previous blog that I had a 5 mosquito bites on my neck and face? It was mommy who spotted the bites since my skin gets really red when I get bitten, mommy even actually send sms'es to daddy telling him about my mosquito bites. I am not sure why it takes a long time for the bite to go away, now it looks like there is an acne on my forehead. Only if it was a little more centre I would look like this women a funny HK TVB actress with a mole on the forehead.

Some photos taken today,

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