Saturday 25 August 2007

First Trip To Malacca

Its a miracle, mommy was just getting so exited yesterday when I was trying to turn and early this morning just after the blog was done yesterday I made my first turn. Mommy and daddy got so excited that even granny was asking what is happening but I was only going to to it once. Anyway later in the night I could do it easily but unfortunately I could not turn myself back.

Today, daddy also took me, mommy with granpa and granny to Malacca for lunch, since daddy loves the chendol, chicken rice ball and the unhygenic "Satay Celup". Unfortunately this trip, daddy could not have it "Satay Celup" as he took the wrong turn after leaving Jonker Street. We also took a walk to one of Malacca standing icon "The Stadthuys" other than the "A Famosa"

After the wrong turn, daddy drove straight to Muar to have their famous street food, otak-otak and fried oyster with eggs.

Some photos taken today,

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Today's Movie - Cashback

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