Thursday 16 August 2007

A Scratch On My Face

I am not sure how I actually got a slight scratch on my face on the upper part of my nose. Could be because I rub my itchy face against a shirt when someone was carrying me today. Anyway today mommy wanted to ask daddy to bring me to visit Dr. Khoo for the monthly check-up but unfortunately he was too busy with his work. So I guess daddy will only be able to bring me for the check-up tomorrow morning before he leaves to work.

Now I am starting to cry a lot as well, even a pacifier could not make me stop crying. Mommy and daddy could not understand until now, when don't I fall asleep when I am actually very sleepy. Its funny you know when I starts to cry, it will normally be either I am hungry or I am sleepy, very seldom I will cry because I wet my nappies. When I am hungry its easy, I could stop when its given a little bit of water but when I am sleepy, I could go on and on and on. So the trick on how to keep me quiet is the pacifie, but it doesn't work all the time, well it did the job most of the time but not anymore. Anyway, after crying a period of time and being carried I would suck the pacifier and fall asleep within a minute or two and only one of the pacifier could do the job. Is just amazing sometimes, a minute ago, will be screaming my lungs out and another.... GONE in wonderland.

No photos were taken today, mommy is getting lazy.

Today's Movie - Deja Vu

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