Tuesday 28 August 2007

A Cute Day

Today I achieved another stunt, I could actually role from my back to my front and back again easily. It was unlike how I started off turning. I understand from my granny that I will start to crawl very soon and this actually worries mommy a lot as she is afraid when she is sleeping I wake up and start crawling since I do not have a baby cot yet since we returned the defected baby cot which daddy and mommy bought from IKEA months ago. Anyway daddy just got his refund after 2 months from IKEA. Guess daddy and mommy would have to get me a new cot soon before I really start to crawl around.

I think I starts to recognise mommy as well since every night I would actually need mommy to carry me to sleep. Tonight, granny started carrying me around my sleeping time, 2130hrs and as usual, I started crying but today was slightly different because I was actually screaming and normally I would just fall asleep on granny shoulder as she hold me but today I did not stopped until granny pass me to mommy. Incredibly I stopped crying and feel asleep within minutes. At the moment anyone could still hold me but I am not sure how long I will start to choose the person that could actually hold me?

Mommy also send the Avent "ISIS" breast pump to her cousin or Auntie Ae in Hat Yai today.

Some photos taken today,

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