Sunday 19 August 2007

What A Sunday

This morning Tai Ku Por, Auntie Cyn Cyn (Pui Ku Ma), Uncle Jee (Pui Sook) with Jonathan visited me and went out for satay at Hj. Samuri in Kajang but just as we were all about to leave, daddy realise that the car rear tyre was flat. Bad luck isn't it and daddy thinks it could have been a nail that daddy ran over a day before at BHP petrol kiosk.

Later in the day, just when daddy came back with mommy, granpa say that its better to take me to a doctor to check on my thumb because granpa says that my finger is having an infection already. Daddy then drove me with mommy and granny to see Doctor Kok (Klinik K.B.). Dr. Kok propose to give me antibiotics but daddy and mommy did not agree to it because I am too young to be fed aintibiotics. I guess tomorrow daddy will have to drive to see Doctor Khoo since I have not got my 4th month injections yet.

Later in the night, daddy took me and mommy to visit his friend, Uncle Woo, newborn baby one month old celebration (a chinese custom which I did not have). I met daddy other friends as well, Uncle Darren, Uncle Bastian, Uncle Lim, Uncle Tee and wife with Joshua, Uncle Yap and wife with Alfred, Uncle Andy and wife, and Auntie Adal.

Some photos taken today,

Top Left and Centre : Auntie Cyn Cyn (Pui Ku Ma)
Top Right : Tai Ku Por
Centre Left : Alfred Yap and mommy, Joshua and mommy, me and mommy and Wang Wang and daddy (from left)
Centre Right : Uncle Woo, Uncle Lim, Daddy, Mommy and Me (from left)
Bottom Left : Uncle Tee and family
Bottom Centre : Uncle Yap and family
Bottom Right : Daddy trying to feed me beer.

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