Monday 27 August 2007

I Want To Grow

My feeds is getting much better as mommy now feeds me every 4 hours and not when I start crying. I have been finishing all my bottles with 6oz without much problem and even the last bottle of the day before I sleep which is around 6.5oz of formula milk. Hope the next visit to the doctor, I will have a better growth and not just my lenght and head.

Mommy also spoke to our neighbout, Auntie Jeen and Uncle Heong about solid food, and they suggested to feed me with some porridge and pork liver. When mommy told daddy when they went to Tesco today, daddy did not agree in feeding me with pork liver. I would think the safest way for me to try solid would be the baby bottle food at the moment or maybe some minced pork porridge.

Daddy and granny had an interesting conversation today about cholesterol, granny refuses to eat pomfret today because she says that white pomfret contains a high level of cholesterol which surprise even mommy. I am not sure where granny heard about this so daddy did some finding and found the following some interesting link,

Well you be the judge.

Some photos taken today,

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