Sunday 12 August 2007

One Month Older - 4 Months Old

I am getting worst today. This morning my cough got worst and my fever was harbouring around 37.4C when daddy woke up and immediately drove to Dr. Khoo's clinic in Taman Desa and I got a cough medicine, something for my throat inflammation and my phlegm. Seems like I have to take 5 type of medicine now which includes the medicine for flu and fever.

In the evening I've visitor and my new friend Wen Ser who is a daughter to my granny's friend's daughter and she will be a year old on September 1st. Mommy's friend Auntie Ai Na came to visit my granny with her husband, Uncle Siew Chuen, her two daughter, Auntie Pei Ling and Auntie Pei Pei with her husband, forgot the name.

Some photos taken today,

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Today's Movie - Some Thai Drama

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