Thursday 23 August 2007

Internet Down?

There was some problem trying to log into some of the website last night since I have dificulty opening google, gmail, blogger and even photobucket. This must be another ever problem cause by StreamyX. Anyway luckily today the service is back to normal if not I would not be able to update anything today.

My skin is getting better, mommy is no longer so concern until she wanted to bring me to see a skin specialist. Actually daddy did thought of taking me to see a child specialist in University Hospital but unfortunately daddy will not be free tomorrow. I did not really meet daddy over the past 2 days since by the time he got back I am already in my wonderland. Today when daddy got back and tried to play with me, it seems to me like daddy was a stranger. I even started crying when he sat next to me.

My thumb is getting a lot better with most of the skin around the infected area dried up but now mommy is a little worried with the dried skin below my nail as it looks like its going to be there but daddy thinks it come out as the nail grows. Let see the next few days or weeks if my thumb continue to stay reddish.

Anyway mommy has been busy taking photos of me, some photos taken today,

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Today's Movie - The Queen

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