Friday 3 August 2007

A New Streamer

Daddy always wanted to get a streamer to prepare my feeding bottle but mommy has never agreed to him because of the price of the streamer until last weekend when mommy agreed to get one because some of the bottle caps has melted on the edges. It was lucky that daddy did not buy it over the weekend because he was too busy comparing the car seat.

Granny today found a streamer which my great granny bought it for my grandparent from Australia many years ago. It was never actually been use, not sure but granpa did not like using it until yesterday when granny took it out and amazingly it worked perfectly well, and takes less than 10mins to start streaming. Mommy is still having a very bad flu, hope she gets better soon.

Finally after days of waiting, mommy received a package from Auntie Ann in Bangkok, a package containing 2 thai drama series, one of them with an actress having the same thai name as I am, Irissa (ไอริสา).

Some photos taken today,

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Today's Movie - รักเธอทุกวัน (Love You Everyday)

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