Monday 6 August 2007

A Visit To Doctor

Today mommy got worried and took me to visit another doctor for a second opinion of my rashes as it comes and go. Mommy is not sure what is causing my rashes but it could be eczema which is inherited from either mommy or daddy, but more likely from Daddy, says Auntie Karen when she came over to pass mommy some Dr. Brown bottle's teets

My green is back as well with a little blood which mommy thinks that I might be suffering from gastric. Might have to monitor this now as well. In the evening when daddy return back from work, daddy took me with mommy to see another doctor recommended by Auntie Jin (my neighbour - Kylie's doctor).

Dr. Wong Meing Lang
Klinik Pakar Kanak Kanak Wong (Wong Children Specialist Clinic)
21, Jalan M/J 1,
Taman Majlis Jaya,
Sungai Chua,
43000 Kajang,

Dr. Wong says that it should be eczema and I was given a body wash and 4 lotions. Not sure if this will help and I have not grown since as my weight now is only 5.40kg. Mommy is wondering what is wrong with me.

Some photos taken today on my rash,

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Today's Movie - รักเธอทุกวัน (Love You Everyday)

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