Sunday 21 October 2007

Visiting Great Granny Grave

The drive back to Malaysia was quiet smooth, but it rained most of the journey since we left Hat Yai at 1200hrs - Thai Time (1300hrs - MST) and we arrived back in Kajang at 2130hrs - MST, which is 9hrs and 30mins which includes a terrible traffic jam immediately after Jepalapang toll booth, visiting great granny grave at Paradise Memorial Park near Chemor, a nice dinner at Han City Restaurant in Ipoh Garden East.

When we arrived at great granny grave park, the guard refuse to let us in because he says that the visiting hours is from 0800hrs till 1730hrs, which daddy got a shock!! Visiting hours? To grave? anyway he called the park manager and enquire the possibility of just a couple of minutes since we are not from around town and it would be my first time visiting great granny, he told daddy that he will call back and finally after a couple of minutes daddy called him back and he agreed to let us in for 5mins. I am not sure if this rediculous as closing the place at 1700hrs! What they were afraid that visitors might be attack by "something". Anyway we managed to go in for a couple of minutes.


Daddy wanted to drive back to Ipoh house to visit my maternal great granny but no one answered the house phone so he thought no one was at home since Great Uncle Kirby did not pick up his mobile as well. Only when were on the highway going back home, Great Uncle Kirby called and told daddy that he was out and left his phone at home and Kus (the maid) and Great Granny was at home.

It was a good drive back, but rain throughout the way and it was quite unbelieveable that it only drizzle when we visited great granny's grave.

Some photos taken today

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Today's Movie - Sao Paulo Formula One

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