Thursday 15 May 2008

I Am Walking

Finally after weeks of waiting, I finally could walk all on my own today. It started in the morning when I was holding a remote control and mommy ask me for it, I actually took my first 3 steps and gave the remote control to mommy. Then mommy tried to make me walk again but she failed.

Daddy got home around 1800hrs as I needed to visit the doctor today for a chicken pox vaccination. It was quick today since there wasn't many people in the clinic and I got home by 1930hrs, spending only about 30mins.

And my growth are,
1) Weight - 9.46kg
2) Lenght - 79.5cm
3) HC - 45.5cm
click here to compare with my previous visit. Next visit October 14th.

When I arrived, mommy tried to make me walk again just after dinner and I did it again. This time I could do more than 3 steps. But I got lazy after a while. Daddy got the video and took me doing my first steps.

Finally daddy collected mommy driving this morning but sadly, they only issued mommy a probational driving license instead. They needed to see a letter from the Road Transport of Thailand stating that mommy had her license more than 2 years before JPJ could issue mommy a full license. Anyway it is better to have a local license than otherwise. Now mommy can drive me shopping already.

Lunch : Stream Rice served with Steam Egg
Dinner : Pumpkin and Spinach Porridge

Daddy also got a pack of Bario Rice from Uncle Mark who just came back from his hometown in Miri. Bario Rice is supposingly very similar to Japanese Rice that is being use for sushi.

No photos were taken today

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