Saturday 3 May 2008

Ser Kai Birthday

Today I attend Ser Kai's birthday party. It was really interesting as there were many kids as well as a clown to entertain us. It was unfortunate for daddy since he could not attend the dinner. Since I was the youngest and did not really know what was actually going on, I still had a wonderful time being with all the others children.

Earlier in the day, I went out shopping with daddy, mommy, granny and grandpa in Tesco. It was quite a surprise to see so many people actually going to Tesco at 1030hrs in the morning for shopping since we normally do our shopping in the night after dinner.

In the afternoon, daddy wanted to drive to Low Yat to check a new device that can watch downloaded Hong Kong TV series for granny but we were too lazy since daddy had to attend an award ceremony in the night.

Tomorrow, mommy and daddy will be going to have a badminton match with Uncle Darren and Uncle Bastian in the club. After that it will be swimming again for me and maybe we might go to Low Yat as well to get grandpa's device for granny.

Some photos taken today

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