Friday 16 May 2008

IQ For Kids?

Since I started walking yesterday mommy has been trying to get me to walk but I only did it a couple of times. In the evening, after my evening stroll, mommy took me to Aunty Jin house and show Aunty Jin how I walk now. It was quite an achievement since it was my first time walking outside my house, but I am afraid that there will be scars on my knee after I start to walk properly.

In the afternoon, mommy also tried to see if I could get the Teddy Bear hidden inside the house and I actually did after crawling around the house three time and three attempt, first time I tried to open one of the window, second was another window, the third, I manage to open the house door, went in and took the teddy bear and close the door before giving the teddy bear to mommy. Not bad right. Because of this, daddy tried to see if there is a site to test baby's IQ which he did. Click here for the IQ test, I only manage to get 22points (an average 9 months old IQ).

Lunch : Steam Egg with Spinach and Tomato served with Steam Rice
Dinner : Cabbage and Broccoli Soup served with Stream Rice

Some photos taken today

Click here for more photos in slideshow.

Today's Movie - Rambo

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Anonymous said...

hi baby, American Idol coming to an end already ler. between david cook and david archuleta, finale is next week at nokia theatre.wish i could go there and watch but its just too far away. seems that nokia theatre can seat 7,000 people wow that is a lot yar. i have seen your photos and you really grown to a bigger prettier little toddler already. continue to have a happy baby life. see ya and continue to drop by my blog k!!