Friday 9 May 2008

This Is How I Sleep!

This week passes really fast and its Friday again. Its been two weeks now since I got back from holiday and I am counting day for my next big trip next month.

Finally this morning mommy do not have much problem cooking lunch for me since all the piping works are done and it all working fine with no more leakage. Mommy also thinks that I do not like potato because every time mommy feeds me with a potato I will make an unappealing face.

(this is how I sleep when I got really tired in the afternoon)

In the evening, just before daddy got home for dinner, Kit came over and visit me with her granny and grandpa. She stayed until about time for me to sleep.

Now I am also trying to stand on my own, with my legs straighten and my hands on the floor. It will be soon before I can start by myself, then it will be hell for mommy and daddy. Tomorrow mommy wants to bring me swimming but I am not sure if daddy would take me for a swim since he wanted to walk around FRIM again.

Lunch : Omelette with Potato, Pumpkin, Tomato and Steam Rice
Dinner : Chicken Soup with Vegetable and Steam Rice

Some photos taken today

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Today's Movie - In-Soon Is Pretty

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